Twin Lakes Swim Club | SARAH + JULIUS

About a month prior, I met this couple for engagement photos at Depot Park and they shared some experiences about planning a wedding on short notice. Knowing some of the things the couple has already dealt with, walking into the dressing room at Twin Lakes Golf Club and hearing the bride mention her makeup and hair artist backed out on her days before was seemingly disheartening.

Then I looked around the dressing room and saw a sea of make-up, styling products, and curling irons.

The bridesmaids were bustling in go mode and the bride herself was pretty much set on finishing touches.

Mascara, hairspray, earrings, CHECK! Quickly, it was apparent the bride’s team had it under control.

The bride’s mom and her bridesmaid squeezed the bride into a gorgeous sweetheart neckline lace wedding dress.

When popping in to check on the groom, I found him reading a hand written letter from his bride and opening his wedding gift, a beautiful handcrafted Shinola watch.

Guests migrated to the gazebo at Twin Lakes Golf Club, which is surrounded by romantic woodlands.

Nerves of putting together this wedding started to fade away when the groom saw his bride.

A wave of excitement followed and washed over their faces as they exchanged vows in a powdery blue light.

The groom’s grandfather had a special blessing for the bride and groom during their softly lit wedding ceremony.

No little hiccup was going to change the outcome of this day for them,

And I think that pleased everyone!